Green artificial tree
    Green artificial tree Green artificial tree Green artificial tree Green artificial tree Green artificial tree Green artificial tree Bogota artificial tree & lights Bogota artificial tree & lights

    Bogota artificial tree & lights

    The artificial Christmas tree Bogota PE / PVC Premium Smart - Warm LED lighting is a natural looking artificial Christmas tree

    A tree bought from us = 1 tree replanted!

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    The christmastree is in the box and unmounted
    Wire colour
    For indoor use
    Mixture of branches from PE / PVC material
    Lamp colour
    LED light with foot switch
    Fire / Flame Resistant Standards (NEN 71-2)
    Tax included
    Size of tree
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    This is due to the mix of high-quality PE & PVC material. This artificial Christmas tree has a whimsical and irregular structure, just like the real pine trees from nature have. The beautiful open structure ensures that you can decorate the tree well with many Christmas balls, hangers and other decoration. This artificial Christmas tree is suitable for many different types of decoration.

    The basis of this Bogota artificial Christmas tree PE / PVC Premium Smart - Warm LED lighting is a metal trunk. On this trunk are the side branches with needles made from mixed materials. A part of the branches and needles is made in molds with a PE material. These molds are formed with real pine from nature, giving the soft PE branches and needles the precise shape from nature. The advantage of these branches and needles is that they always remain in good shape. The other part of the branches and needles is made of PVC. This is done by means of a special technique, so that they are firmly attached to the branches. Long strips of PVC are cut into thin strips for this and then wrapped around the branch. In this way a branch is created with flat and sturdy needles. The mix of PE and PVC in combination with brown side branches gives the tree a real natural look. In addition, this combination of materials provides a solid whole so that you can properly decorate the tree with balls, Christmas hangers or many other Christmas decorations.

    You can assemble this artificial Christmas tree very fast by the hinged construction. In this construction the branches are pre-assembled in brackets with a hinge attached to it. The branches fall into the right place as soon as you put the tree up. All you have to do is fold out the small branches so that it becomes a fully shaped artificial Christmas tree. This hinged system also ensures that all LED lights are in the right place and that the lighting cord is hidden between the branches. So you don't have to hang all the LED lights in the tree yourself and the lights are always nicely distributed in your tree. So the trickiest job has already been done!

    Of course, the Bogota PE / PVC Premium with Smart - warm LED lighting meets all the safety requirements and standards. (NEN 71-2)

    Why choose a green artificial tree?

    There are now Christmas trees in all colours, shapes and materials. So, this year, are you more of an artificial or natural tree? Both solutions are advantageous but the artificial tree is particularly suitable in very specific cases. It reduces the risk of fires, it does not cause any allergies, it’s strong, its lifespan is five times longer than a natural tree, etc.

    Are you tired of throwing a tree in the trash every year? Can't tolerate the smell of the natural tree? An artificial tree would be safer for your commercial space,? Without any further fear or risk, the tradition of the Christmas tree continues thanks to the green artificial tree. offers premium quality green artificial trees. From 120 to 210 cm.


    The advantages of the green artificial tree

    A Christmas without a tree doesn't make much sense anymore. But sometimes a natural tree takes a lot of time and energy. Artificial trees are a smart alternative to the Nordmann or spruce tree. They look like two drops of water, it’s elegant and much more practical.

    Make Christmas easier by opting for the artificial tree! Here are its many advantages:

    •        Reusable. The artificial tree remains the darling of traders because it’s reusable for at least five years if you take care of it. It’s a real long term investment. It doesn't lose its needles and stays intensely green.
    •        Available when you choose. The Christmas season comes around earlier and earlier. If you want to install your decorations as from December 1st, no worries, artificial trees are available immediately.
    •        Convenient. Delivered in spare parts, it can be easily stored and taken out of the cupboard at the appropriate time.
    •        It’s solid and stable. The artificial green tree stands on its own, it doesn’t need an additional tree stand.
    •        Easy to decorate. Bushy but not too much, just enough to be easy to decorate.
    •        Odorless, no allergenic effect.
    •        It doesn’t cause any dirt and is easy to maintain.
    •        Fire safety. 

    Want to know more about's delivery services and decorating ideas? has been selling and delivering Christmas tree decorations and trees since 1997. We are at your disposal to help you achieve a dream Christmas. Our services are flexible and we follow strict quality requirements for our products. Contact us via the online contact form. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.


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