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Why prefer a Nordmann to a classic Christmas tree?

Published : 08/28/2020 | Categories : Our tips, e-commerce specialist in Nordmann Christmas trees , introduces you to the strengths of this superior variety of conifer.

Un sapin floqué pour un Noël tout en couleurs

Published : 08/28/2020 | Categories : Our tips, boutique online de sapins de Noël livrés gratuitement en Belgique, vous fait découvrir les sapins de couleurs. Une idée tendance et originale pour votre décoration de fêtes.
Découvrez tous les atouts esthétiques et pratiques d’un sapin Nordmann floqué blanc grâce à cet article proposé par, votre partenaire pour la livraison à domicile de sapins de Noël.
SAPINS.BE GIVES YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO ACT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT  Selling Nordmann trees does not necessarily mean that it is harmfull for planet’s health. Today there are many ways for companies [...]

Quel sapin de Noël pour votre entreprise ?

Published : 08/27/2020 | Categories : Our tips has decided to make your life easier by offering you an unusual, customized Christmas decor. You are planning to install your Christmas tree somewhere difficult to access? With [...]

Why should you choose a real Christmas tree?

Published : 08/27/2020 | Categories : Our tips
This is a durable solution for your Christmas decoration. Indeed, if you follow the instructions you will be able to replant your Nordmann Christmas tree. This means that you can easily use it [...]

Ideal transport conditions for your Christmas trees

Published : 08/27/2020 | Categories : Our tips
From its natural environment, the Christmas tree is carefully transported to a place where it can be storage. It is important that the customer respect the last steps of the chain. In this [...]