How do I calculate the size of my tree?


From the ground to the highest point of your tree.


The tree is included in a size category and can be inclided at the beginning as well as at the top of the category).


The pot, the cross or any other support is included in the measurement of your tree.



What are your tips for keeping a Nordmann as long as possible?


 - Avoid an important and rapid temperature change. We therefore recommend that before you bring it into your living room, you keep your tree overnight in your

garage, for example.


- Avoid placing your tree too close to a heat source (radiator)


 - Place your tree close to a window



Do you sell trees over 2 meters high with roots?


- No, we do not sell such trees because the roots are too large and the size of the pot and especially its weight would be too important.

How long can I expect to keep a beautiful cut tree?


 - A Nordmann has an average lifespan of 4 to 5 weeks. Delivery is recommended as from November 27.



What are the delivery time frames for trees, decorations and accessories?


For Belgium


Brussels, Walloon and Flemish Brabant every day except Sunday (between 20/11 and 23/12)


Flanders: Every Tuesday and Thursday (between 20/11 and 23/12)


              Wallonia and: Every Monday and Wednesday (between 20/11 and 23/12)



              Production time frame for flocked trees: 72 hours (between 20/11 and 23/12)


              Artificial tree(s): 48h (every day of the year)


              Decorations and accessories: 48h (every day of the year)


For France and Luxembourg 


              Natural Tree(s): No delivery


              Flocked Tree(s) : No delivery


              Artificial tree(s) :  48 à 72h (every day of the year) via post


              Decorations et accessories :  48 à 72 h (every day of the year) via post



What are the delivery prices for trees, decorations and accessories?


For Belgium


Free delivery for all trees under 3 meters high


For deliveries via Go Fast, you will have the choice at an additional cost


if you wish the delivery to take place in half a day (8h to 12h or 12h to 20h).


if you wish the delivery to take place at a specific time (+ - 30 minutes).


For France and Luxembourg


 - Natural Tree(s): No delivery


 - Flocked Tree(s) : No delivery


 - Artificial tree(s) : 18,15€ at the address of your choice


 - Decorations et accessories :  13,30€ at the address of your choice



How are the trees, decorations and accessories packaged when sending?


Our natural trees are delivered in a protective net. This makes it possible to avoid soiling your interior, to marking your walls during

While putting it in place and protecting the tree while in transport.  


Our flocked trees are delivered in a micro-perforated plastic sheath. This is done for the same purposes as the protective net for natural fir.

Our accessories and decorations are delivered in a cardboard box with protection.



Can take care of the decoration of my tree?


Yes, offers a home decoration service.


When your tree is delivered, a team of decorators will decorate your tree according to the colours you have previously chosen.


What guarantees do you give regarding the quality of your trees?


Our trees are selected from our producers in order to guarantee top quality.


Nevertheless, the trees are natural products and it is therefore possible that the delivered tree does not correspond to the expected quality. If so, we

will of course replace the latter on the basis of a photograph and according to the delivery date.



If I order a tree with a cross, will it already be attached to my tree upon delivery?


We will take care of fixing the cross on the tree so that the tree is perfectly straight.



If I replant my tree with roots, will it survive?


We cannot guarantee 100% that it will grow.


However, our potted trees are grown in cultivation pots which gives them a better chances of recovery in the event of replanting.

We therefore estimate that the chances of your tree growing back is at around 60%.



Can I order a cut tree but without a cross?


Yes. However, when you order a cut tree on our website, you are offered the choice of a cross, a water stand or no support.


All you have to do is to uncheck the "cross" box.