Frise de Stalactites
Frise de Stalactites

Stalactite frieze

Simply attach the upper part of the strip to the edges of your furniture so that ice spikes of different lengths and made of artificial felt hang nicely. A decor that is reminiscent of the edges of our roofs when the cold transforms rainwater into pointed frosted cones; a natural phenomenon that is always very decorative.

Longueur des cônes entre 10 et 25cm
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This frieze of ice stalactites will also adorn dinning table, shelves of all kinds as well as your store and it will participate in the wintery and welcoming atmosphere your surroundings. It promises to immerse your customers in the magic of Christmas. And of course, you will also use it at home whilst preparing your party decorations in early December. To shorten the headband in order to adapt it to a particular piece of furniture, all you need to do is get a good pair of scissors. Because it only has one border, you can get a large number of small pieces and hang them, for example, in a child's room where the fabric ice stalactites will create a magical fairy-tale atmosphere. Our glittering frieze of ice stalactites is almost 2 meters long and comes folded in a plastic bag. The different stalactite spikes have a length that can range from 10 to 25 cm.

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