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Wreath from Nordmann tree branches - 2
Wreath from Nordmann tree branches - 2

Wreath from Nordmann tree branches

Wreath from Nordmann tree branches 30cm

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This year, make a difference with floral art for your Christmas decorations. Decorate your home or business space with Nordmann tree branches in a wreath, it's trendy and natural. The simplicity of tree green is unmistakably chic and it goes well with a variety of colours, objects, materials and various Christmas decoration accessories.

Why is the tree branch wreath making a comeback?

It's a decorating idea as old as the world. And yet the tree branch wreath has been picked up by many interior design magazines as the trend of the moment. Because the Nordmann tree branch wreath is natural and chic. Discover its many advantages:

  • Symbolic. The wreath is ideal for a warm welcome in a hall or on a front door.
  • Ultra-fresh. Sapins.be supplies ultra-fresh and sumptuous Nordmann tree branch wreaths.
  • Supple and resistant. The branch wreath made from Nordmann branches, is flexible and does not lose its needles, thanks to the quality of this noble tree.
  • Table art. For a successful table decoration, start by placing a wreath of Nordmann tree branches in its center. Decorate the whole with various decorative objects such as candles or even Christmas ornaments.
    Awaken your imagination. Decorate your Nordmann branch wreath with fruits, other plants, flowers, winter items, etc.
    The Nordmann tree branch wreath is suitable for a vintage decor, very fashionable lately.
  • Discreet odor. Nordmann trees do not emit any strong forest scent.
  • Branches of a premium and robust natural Nordmann tree.

A flocked Nordmann tree wreath?

Bring a magical touch to your wreath by "flocking" it. Flocking can embellish your wreath and therefore your decoration. What does it consist of? First of all, know that this process has been perfectly mastered by our company, for years. This involves spraying a cottony layer and a layer of water glue on the branches of your Nordmann wreath simultaneously in crossed jets. Your Nordmann tree branch wreath is then delicately snowy, it's realistic and beautiful!

Want to know more?

Sapins.be has been the expertise in Christmas decoration since 1997. Would you like to know more about our quality products? Our flexible services? We are listening to you. Contact us via the online contact form. We will answer you with pleasure.

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