gives you the opportunity to act in favour of the environment

Selling Nordmann trees does not necessarily mean that it’s harmful to the planet’s health. Nowadays, there are many ways for companies to become eco-friendly. The trees sold by come from sustainably-managed forests. Our e-business, that sells Christmas trees in Belgium, signed a partnership with Reforest'Action in order to become more involved in sustainability. Find out more about it in this article.

Act towards reforestation by purchasing a Nordmann Christmas tree

Reforest'Action is an ecological and social French company. Its goal is to encourage companies to plant trees via the Internet. The organisation has already planted more than 1.7 million trees, all around France, Belgium and in other countries such as Senegal, Peru, Haiti, Spain, United States, etc. Reforestation is one of the major challenges for the future of our planet because it affects both climate and biodiversity. It was obvious that would be associated with such a project.

How does the partnership between and Reforest’Action work?

In order to contribute to the reforestation, collaborates with Reforest'Action through its e-commerce. Each time you order one of our superb Nordmann trees, fresh and delivered, you finance the planting of another tree. Nothing is more simple. By doing do, an additional tree will be added to the organisation’s forests. This process is an easy and effective way to contribute to the health of our planet.

An easy and efficient way to help save our planet. also collaborates with Reforest’Action by committing to financing the planting of 2,000 trees in Haiti.

Delivery of a Nordmann tree in Belgium & Luxembourg : The assets

This action allows you to display a quality Christmas tree in your office, shop or home without participating in deforestation. These Nordmanns are delivered free of charge throughout the country and come from sustainable forests (80% of which are in Belgium). Discover their many qualities:

- They are cut as late as possible: If the tree is not cut before the 20th of November, it will stay fresh and last longer in your home.

- Conical and well supplied: In our e-commerce, none of our trees are in bad shape. Our trees are regular and bushy, whatever their size.

- Resistant: Even with the heat, the Nordmann Christmas tree will stay in good shape, even inside the house. The tree will dry without losing its needles.

- Soft and safe: the children don’t risk anything because the Nordmann tree’s branches don’t sting.

Contact for more information on Nordmann trees

Do you have questions about the Reforest'Action program or our Christmas tree offer? Do not hesitate and join You have two choices to do this: by phone or in writing using our contact form. You will receive an answer as soon as possible.