Artificial golden crown with glitter 50cm
Artificial golden crown with glitter 50cm

Artificial golden crown with glitter 50cm

Artificial wreath of branches.

Artificial tree branches.

Without lights
100% PVC
Tax included
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Why is the tree branch wreath making a comeback?

It's a decorating idea that is as old as the world. And yet the tree branch wreath has been picked up by many interior design magazines as the trend of the moment. Discover the many advantages of the Nordmann tree wreath:

  •        Symbolic. The wreath is ideal for a warm welcome in a hall or on a front door
  •        Table art. For a successful table decoration, start by placing a wreath of Nordmann tree branches in its centre. Decorate it with a few decorative objects such as candles or Christmas baubles.

Awaken your imagination. Decorate your Nordmann tree branch wreath with fruits, other plants, flowers, wintery items, etc.

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