Artificial Christmas Rose - Poinsettia - 2
    Artificial Christmas Rose - Poinsettia - 1 Artificial Christmas Rose - Poinsettia - 2 Artificial Christmas Rose - 30cm

    Artificial Christmas Rose - 30cm

    The poinsettia, commonly known as the "Christmas Rose" or "Christmas Star", is the plant par excellence that we like to offer or receive at the end of the year because it brightens up our interiors with its radiant red.

    Dimensions: 30 cm by 30 cm

    Diameter 10cm and 8cm high
    Tax included

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    You like plants but don't have a green thumb? we have found the solution for you... it almost looks like a real one!!!

    The poinsettia adorns florists' stalls around Christmas time, earning itself the sweet nickname "Christmas Star". What we love so much about this plant aren't its flowers but its leafs, which boast magnificent colours just in time for the holiday season! The poinsettia is the essential Christmas plant in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

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