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Christmas decorations: what will be the 2021 trends in Belgium?

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Spring is not yet upon us, but festive decoration specialists are already thinking about the next year-end celebrations. It is therefore already possible to detect the colours and materials that will be in fashion next winter. Do you want to prepare yourself? Sapins.be, an online store for Christmas accessories and decorations, makes you discover the few trends that are emerging for December 2021.

Make way for Scandinavian decorations for next Christmas

This year, no more shiny shades and vivid colours. The Scandinavian look will now be in vogue. As the name suggests, this style originates from the Nordic countries. It gives pride of place to white, associated with soft and soothing shades, such as pastel tones. We also see a lot of clean lines and geometric shapes, which can make you think of Japanese origami. Additionally, another characteristic of this trend is the mixture of organic and synthetic materials. The usual plastics go well with cork and wood in particular. You can find all these aesthetic associations in the decoration kits for the end of the year celebrations, as well as on the baubles to adorn your tree.

A frosted look for your decorations and your Christmas tree

Another theme that will be in this winter is frost. It will therefore be necessary to play with the colours associated with ice, namely white and silver, as well as transparent materials, such as plastic or glass combined with soft materials that will remind of snow. Think about this when choosing fairy lights to light up your tree, for example. A great buy is the white-flocked Christmas tree if that type of decoration appeals to you. It’s natural and always looks snowy. A must!

The Nordmann tree, a safe bet for the end of the year celebrations

As in previous years, the Nordmann variety of the fir tree remains very popular, thanks to its many advantages. The spruce is now outdated. The Nordmann tree is more robust, more bushy and more like the image you have of a fir tree. In addition, it dries on the spot and loses very little of its needles. It is truly the best conifer you can get for your Christmas tree. Nowadays there are even authentic Nordmann trees that are coloured by cotton flocking. Something to amaze those around you and break winter habits.

Information on Christmas decorations?

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