When should a company start ordering its Christmas tree?

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It’s not just individuals who rush to attain their Christmas trees and decorations during the Christmas season. Most businesses also like to make their premises look festive. They must, however, order their tree early enough. It's about having a choice and avoiding a last minute rush. Sapins.be, which specialises in Christmas trees and custom-made Christmas decorations, takes good timing in consideration in order to ensure delivery on time.

Ordering Christmas trees online: easy to do in advance

Obviously, it’s best to plan ahead when ordering your Christmas tree. A seller brings in a first stock of natural Nordmanns around the month of November. That’s the perfect time to reserve your tree; all the more if you want a certain size and personalised decorations. A tailor-made service of this type cannot be set up in a couple days. It must be planned with the client. It should also be taken in consideration that when it comes to available Christmas decorations, shelves can empty out quickly. Choice is therefore combined with foresight. Online tree sellers make it very easy. You can very well order your tree in October and plan its delivery for weeks later!

An optimised Christmas tree delivery by geographical zones

When ordering a Christmas tree, a company must also bear in mind its location. The supplier can of course deliver its trees quickly, but this service requires flawless planning. The delivery of the trees and decorations is carried out according to the client’s postal code in order to optimise travel as much as possible. For example, Brussels will be served every day except Sundays. Wallonia and Luxembourg will be delivered to on Mondays and Wednesdays and the Flemish Brabant will be delivered to on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In other words, an order made after the named day of delivery for each commune/country will arrive later.

Ordering your Christmas tree last minute? Yes, but not without risk

It is always possible to order last minute and be delivered within 48 or 72 hours. Until December 15, we still have a lot in stock. After, that specific date, it is not certain that you will find what you were looking for. On the other hand, a Christmas tree supplier will always do its best to satisfy its clients, but this might cost more than usual.  

Want to decorate your company for the holiday season?

Get in touch with the Sapins.be team and find out all about our natural Christmas trees, artificial ones and our flocked Christmas trees. We also offer a series of pre-packaged decoration kits or a personalized service with a decorator



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