Artificial trees 

An artificial Christmas tree saves money. Our Christmas trees are as beautiful as natural trees and will stay that way for years to come!

Nowadays, there are all sorts of colours, shapes and materials for Christmas trees. Are you more into artificial or natural trees? Both have advantages, but an artificial tree is particularly suitable in certain cases. Indeed, it reduces the risk of fires, it does not cause any allergies, it is solid and its lifetime is five times longer than a natural tree.

Are you tired of throwing away your tree after Christmas? Are you tired of the smell of the tree? Are you worried about safety? Having an artificial Christmas tree is a way to avoid risks. offers green artificial trees of the highest quality. From 120 to 210 cm.


A Christmas without a tree has no meaning. Unfortunately, a natural tree takes can take up a lot of time and energy. An artificial tree is a smart alternative to a Nordmann tree because it looks exactly like a real one. It is as elegant as a natural one but much more practical.

Simplify Christmas by opting for an artificial tree! This is a list of all the advantages that an artificial tree has:

  •          Reusable. The artificial tree is reusable for at least five years (if you take good care of it). It is a real investment. It does not lose its needles and stays green.
  •          Order it whenever you want. If you want to start decorating your interior on the 1st of December, artificial trees are already available.
  •          Practical. The tree is delivered in many pieces, it can be stored easily.  
  •          It is strong and stable. The artificial green tree stands up by itself.
  •          Easy to decorate. Large but not too much, just enough to be easy to decorate.
  •          No odor, no allergenic effect.
  •          It is not dirty and is easy to maintain.
  •          Fire safety.

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