Christmas Accessories  

The warm atmosphere of Christmas often doesn't mean much. Decorating your tree or your interior is not always sufficient to convey the magic of Christmas. In addition to baubles, garlands and other table decorations, offers you something to give THE final touch to your decoration. Snow sprays, candles, perfumes… Champagne! The Christmas spirit will be all the more present.

Candles: rekindle the Christmas flame
Placing light garlands on your Christmas tree is not the only solution to bringing light and atmosphere to your room during the holiday season. Candles are a must. sells different kinds. They all give off a light pleasant scent. The process of making these candles gives the impression of being in a room with a wood fire.

Artificial snow: the beauty of winter indoors
A Christmas Eve without snow is not a real Christmas Eve. And if the snow flakes are not present outside, you can still enjoy them indoors with our artificial snow. Spread a thin layer of powder on your tree with our sprays. You will feel like winter has entered your home without feeling the frost. This pure white aspect will nicely complement your decorations, whatever colour of Christmas baubles you choose.

Champagne: the essential Christmas bubbles
A bottle of Champagne must undoubtedly be enthroned in the middle of a carefully decorated Christmas table. Because a bubble-free evening never sparkles enough, sells, in addition to baubles, small alcoholic bubbles that will enhance your New Year's Eve.

Christmas fragrance: reproduce the scent of the tree
You enjoy inhaling the sweet fragrance left by the natural fir. There are home fragrances that faithfully reproduce the spicy scent of the Christmas tree. For a woody interior atmosphere, spray a little of this fragrance in your home. 

The poinsettia: the ultimate Christmas flower
There is no home decorated for Christmas without at least one poinsettia, or Christmas rose, sitting in the corner. This magnificent exotic plant is native to the tropics of Central America. Its fiery red petals will add a dazzling touch to your interior decoration.

Do you want to make an original Christmas decoration?
Discover our many decorative items dedicated to the December 25 celebrations and our range of Christmas baubles that we offer for your Christmas tree. You can also obtain more information on our range of trees by contacting us by phone or via our online form.


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