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Where do the most beautiful Christmas trees in Belgium come from?

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We’re in November. The fateful moment of the search for the traditional Christmas tree has arrived. The question then arises regarding the choice to be made from the wide selction of Nordmann trees on sale. What criteria should you use when buying the tree that will decorate your interior? Where do the trees sold in Belgium come from? Sapins.be, a specialist in Nordmann Christmas trees gives you some explanations.

A strategic choice in Nordmann nurseries in the Ardennes

A retailer specialising in quality Christmas trees in Belgium doesn’t choose its products without seeing them. Once a year, a visit to nurseries in the south of the country is essential. It is in our green, Belgian Ardennes that we find the most beautiful Nordmann trees. The selection of trees is made in September by marking the trees intended to enter your homes in December. The priority is to find trees in these forests that meet quality standards 1:

  • Well balanced
  • Straight trunk
  • Bushy
  • Very green

The second-best Nordmann trees are included in lower value categories. These are financially more accessible. Namely, the more bushy a tree, the more expensive it is. It takes about ten years before you get a beautiful tree of around two metres in size. It’s a long-term job for producers in the Ardennes.

The qualities of Nordmann trees bred in the Belgian Ardennes forests

The Nordmann, native to northern European regions, is considered the rolls-royce of Christmas trees. It is the best known and most famous tree used as a Christmas decoration. The Ardennes nurserymen who supply your retailer with your favourite Nordmann meet the following original criteria:

• It’s resistant: the Nordmann doesn’t lose its needles up until the moment of a thermal shock that occurs during transportation and installation in the house. After this it looses nothing else;

• The thorns are thicker;

• The colour varies from green to bluish green;

• It has no smell: the Nordmann does not give off any particular fragrance. Regardless, fans of scented vegetation still wish to invest in the longevity of Nordmann. In this case, among our many additional products, is our room fragrance vaporisers. These faithfully reproduce the scent of the forest.

Want to know more about the quality and provenance of your Christmas tree?

Don’t hesitate to contact our Christmas tree specialists in Belgium, Sapins.be. Our team will answer all your questions. We also suggest that you reserve your own Nordmann for the holiday season and take advantage of our home delivery service.

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