Flocked tree 

Flocked trees are Nordmann variety firs on which a fire-resistant glue (M1 certificate) is sprayed based with water and natural white cotton.

In this section, discover the advantages and characteristics of snow-white flocking. For your end-of-year decorations, opt for an even more magical touch by "flocking" your tree. A specialist in Christmas trees and decoration since 1997, Sapins.be has also been an expert in the flocking of Christmas trees for ten years. Our company has a flocking workshop where the trees are "customised".

The advantages of white flocking on your authentic Nordmann tree

A flocked Nordmann tree is the strength of Nordmann backed by the advantages of flocking! Clearly, an even more elegant, even more resistant tree. Sapins.be gives your tree a delicate and realistic snowy effect. Flocking is a technique now perfectly mastered by our company: a cotton layer is placed on the balanced branches of your Nordmann tree.

Flocking does not in any way detract from the strengths of Nordmann tree, let's remember:

·       Heavy duty needles. They are even stronger thanks to the flocking which uses glue.

·       Heat resistant tree. This resistance is increased by flocking.

·       Perfectly pyramidal. Densely packed and conical, without any holes or arrows. Sapins.be guarantees the conical and bushy shape of your Nordmann tree by 100%. We only deliver top quality trees.

·       Bushy thanks to slow growth.

·       Easy to decorate thanks to its balanced shape and well-marked layers.

·       Ultra-fresh. Our Nordmann trees are cut on November 20 at the earliest or delivered in pots.

·       No smell. The Nordmann tree is almost odourless, which can be useful in certain professional circumstances. Flocking also does not add any odor or modifies the very light fragrance of the natural Nordmann.

The flocking technique: cotton flake effect.

Three important things to know about flocking:

Flocking: Flocking is the application of fake snow on your tree, by simultaneous spraying with crossed jets of water-based glue and cotton fibers. Flocking can be done on indoor and outdoor trees of all sizes.

The flock: Cotton is actually pulverised in the form of a powder, called a flock. The flock is cotton fiber, soft to the touch and absolutely resistant. Your needles do not come off the tree, nor does the flock come off the needles.

The importance of shape: Flocking will be successful on the condition of having a perfectly conical tree, as is the case for 100% of the Nordmann trees marketed by Sapins.be.

Want to know more about our services or our decorating ideas?

The idea of​​flocking can embellish your decor. Other advantages can be added to the arrangement of your tree. If you would like to know more about our services or our products, we invite you to contact us via our online contact form. For an order, you can also place it directly online! We are at your disposal.


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